Tuesday, 22 March 2011

One more month

Okay, so that's the first month using Amazons AWS and it's all going pretty well.

We moved the databased off to their own RDS instance which means that the web pages and data are stored and served from different instances.

We had a few issues with the setup, but all in all it was pretty straight forward and without major issues.

One bugging minor issue is that the clocks on the two instances seem to update from different locations and they are constantly about 10 seconds apart, which is annoying on rare occasions when timing is an issue. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Plenty more questions and users on the site. We've added some additional features such as viewing questions without any suggestions, and the photo tag cloud.

In addition we've added a password reset function, which has been requested a couple of times.

Please keep with the feedback, it's all very much appreciated and we focus on exactly how this site is going to operate.

Thanks once again,


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New hosts...

I am glad to announce that as of today WhichEndBites? is running from new servers hosted on Amazon's Web Services.

I'd like to add that the entire process was almost completely painless (apart from the painfully slow DNS updates), sign-up at AWS was very simple as was the interface to launch instances is fantastic.

Amazon really have this cloud stuff all worked out and it's very easy to add components, storage, new instances etc.

Highly recommended and lets hope that the ongoing performance meets expectations!



Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Update for 2011

Welcome to the brand new WhichEndBites? The place for answers to all those photos you've always kept and wondered about...

After an initial trial run in late 2010, we have made a host of changes to better allow users to interact with each other, and the site.

The major change is the inclusion of 2 types of communication; we have added both an inbox and a "messages box", the distinction is simple. All replies to your posts, comments or suggestions that you make on picture questions are posted into your inbox.

All person to person (one to one) messages are posted in your message box. We hope this makes it easier to use and navigate. All comments welcome of course...

We have also integrated the Suggestion and Comments discussion areas, so that each question now only has one area for discussion. All top level posts (that is new threads) will be counted towards the top suggestions. The thread starting post at the top of the discussion when that question ends will be awarded the Top Suggestion award for that question. So get voting! You choose the best contributions and we reward them!

Please keep in contact; let us know what you would like to see, and what does, and what does not work so well.

Thanks and here's to a fun, interesting and fulfilling 2011!